Indian inroads as Cityline upgrade saves time and materials

May 31, 2022 at 11:03 pm by admin

Deshabhimani is to upgrade Cityline and Orient presses at its plant in Kochin, India, following experience with similar technology.

The company has an established relationship with QIPC EAE India, who will install eight mRC-3D cameras to control colour register on the four-tower Cityline, through press manufacturer Manugraph.

The automated optical measuring and control systems will help Deshabhimani make their production process more eco-friendly, by saving paper, ink and energy while improving the quality of the final printed product and reducing makeready time.

QIPC will also install a similar system on their four-unit Orient, working with The Printers House, one of its oldest OEM partners and an established user themselves. TPH handled a number of orders last year, including one of three mRC-3D cameras for an Orient at Sia Publishers & Distributors, and another for a customer in Accra, Ghana, equipping a single-tower press and a Manugraph Cityline.

Another Indian OEM, Prakash Web Offset, will supply the mRC-3D-based system together with QIPC’s remote inking soltion to a customer in Abuja, Nigeria.

QIPC EAE India managing director Rakeshkumar Dave (pictured) is sure the solutions will exceed client requirements and expectations: “We appreciate being associated with the major leading Indian web offset press manufacturer, and continues building forward.”


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