JNI and HKU giving fellowships for Myanmar, Afghan journos

Jan 06, 2022 at 09:50 am by admin

Australia’s Judith Neilson Institute is working with the University of Hong Kong to provide journalists from Myanmar and Afghanistan with ‘opportunity fellowships’ to study for a master’s degree.

Two recipients will undertake a in the 2022-23 academic year, with “special consideration” given to women journalists

JNI will bring the fellows to Australia as part of their postgraduate study to expand their industry networks and work with local journalism students. HKU will also provide mentoring, editing support and access to its regional network of media contacts to help fellows publish a significant reporting project on issues affecting their home countries.

The two say fellowships will be awarded to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to journalism and a willingness to share the knowledge they gain with others in the field.

JNI director of education Andrea Ho says supporting journalists to do their craft well is “key to help civil societies endure when under threat or re-establish after disruption.

“JNI and HKU are providing an opportunity to develop the practice of working journalists from Myanmar and Afghanistan at a time when reporting from these countries is critical.”

Director of UHK’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre Keith Richburg says having spent time in both countries, he had seen how independent media was able to “grow and thrive” over the years. “Now that independent media is being threatened – by the military coup in Myanmar and the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan – it’s heartening that we are in a position to help, in a small way, keep that flame of press freedom alive.”

Organisers say interested candidates can fill out the complete Master of Journalism online application form (without proceeding to the payment of HK$300 application fee) with HKU then able to retrieve the application.

Deadline for applications is January 21, 2022. You can apply here.

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