AMS shows LED-UV in Bangkok, boosts US team

Mar 09, 2020 at 08:39 pm by Staff

Printers from Thailand learned more about LED-UV printing at an open day in Bangkok.

Cyber (SM) - which is the local agent for Baldwin Technology's AMS Spectral UV systems - held an open day at which more than 350 printers took part.

While the focus was on sheetfed offset, with an eight-colour Ryobi 928P featured (pictured) - the concept is gaining wider interest.

Demonstrating patented NS Series chips, a sample on a metallic substrate was printed using extended gamut (CMYK+OGV) inks from Megami. The setup for this configuration used a 385nm wavelength with curing intensity of 17W/cm2.

AMS Spectral UV says it has strengthened its team in the US with additions in service, repair and technical support for LED, UV and IR.

President Rich Bennett says the company is investing heavily in customer-support activities. "At this point, we are confident we have the largest and best-trained service team in North America," he says.

Aftermarket support is being led by industry veterans Don Starck and Andy Ross.


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