German local optimises mobile with Agfa

Oct 19, 2014 at 06:46 pm by Staff

Agfa Graphics had a new German user for its Eversify live app to announce at the World Publishing Expo.

The company says local newspaper Mindener Tageblatt has gone live with an MT ePaper+ edition for tablets and smartphones.

Based in Minden, Germany, the newspaper has a circulation of about 32,000 copies, supported by a full editorial department and its own printing plant.

Editor-in-chief Christoph Pepper, who is one of three managing director, says Eversify is being used for the entire production and publication process, with “a premium reading experience” as a result.

“Producing a mobile newspaper is a complete different ball game,” he says. “Our layout systems are optimised for print and not for dynamic content for mobile devices. We needed a highly automated solution that could blend XML editorial data into an optimised layout for a variety of mobile devices and operating systems.”

The publisher considered creating their own solution and buying one, but Pepper says the cloud-based project with Agfa – which it has a long-standing prepress partnership – avoided investment in additional hardware or software and integrated perfectly in the editorial and production environment.

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