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AI tech helps plate vendor find its place in healthcare

Feb 01, 2023 at 10:57 am by admin

With few newspapers still using film and demand for plates falling as edition numbers dwindle, Japanese vendor Fujifilm is finding new ways to leverage its imaging expertise..... Read More

Indian eyes trained on Russian newsprint’s new route

Jan 24, 2023 at 06:42 pm by admin

While western nations restrict purchases and impose sanctions, calling for Russia to stop its war on Ukraine, publishers in India have another focus: A trainload of Russian ne.... Read More

Ingenious Finnish have drones taking news to islands (video)

Jan 07, 2023 at 07:59 pm by admin

A 60,000 Euros (A$92,800) project to find a better way to deliver newspapers to villages on Finland’s islands will see drones dropping in with the latest news. A land o.... Read More

Old is ‘new’ again as News rejuvenates Adelaide with 2002 press

Dec 28, 2022 at 11:50 am by admin

A multi-million-dollar upgrade has rejuvenated News Corp’s original colour newspaper print site in Adelaide, South Australia. The commissioning is timely, as News moves.... Read More

‘New generation’ inkjet papers open opportunities

Nov 29, 2022 at 05:36 pm by admin

A cooperation between UPM Communication Papers and HP in the US has delivered a “new generation” of digital printing papers designed specifically for high-speed in.... Read More