Acquisition teams colour tech as HKMB divests

May 31, 2024 at 11:15 am by admin

QIPC-EAE has added a mark-based colour control system to its portfolio with the acquisition of Spanish specialist 3TControl.

The closed-loop system takes a ‘cloud of dots’ approach to density control instead of using TIFF files to measure density from an image, eliminating the need for complex workflows and making it suitable for certain emerging markets.

Oosterhout, Netherlands, based QIPC-EAE has acquired 100 per cent of 3TControl Precision Systems in a share purchase deal, which chairman Menno Jansen says “marks a significant milestone in our strategic growth and market consolidation efforts.

“In a contracting newspaper market, it is crucial to look for ways to consolidate and enhance efficiency. With the integration of the 3TControl team into the QIPC-EAE group, we can offer improved services to our customers,” he says.

HKMB chief executive Kurt Übelher said the transfer of 3TControl would enable the group to focus further on its core business of publishing and printing newspapers and related services.

“After many years of involvement and development, I am pleased that with this transfer we were able to ensure the continuation of the company with its brand to serve and support our existing customer base and develop it towards the future, respectively,” he said.

Based in Spain, 3T Control is part of the VGP/HKMB group, headquartered in Passau, Germany, and Seefeld, Austria.

Pictured: Menno Jansen welcomes 3T Control to the QIPC-EAE team (from left) Julio Latre, Unai Vallejo, Vicente Milán, Menno Jansen, Sergio Barrao

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