‘Wider, faster, more colourful’ publication inkjet

Feb 20, 2024 at 01:55 pm by admin

Japanese maker Screen will have a new inkjet web to spruik at DRUPA with the announcement of a new wider, faster press.

The company says it has “finalised the development” of the Truepress Jet 560HDX digital inkjet press, joining its lineup for commercial, direct mail and publishing print markets.

The 520HD had originally been launched with Truepress SC and SC+ ink sets for printing directly onto coated offset papers without pre treatment. In the 560HDX, a new system enables it to operate in a variety of print modes, handling webs up to 560mm wide at up to 150 metres per minute at resolutions of up to 1200x1200 dpi. Compatibility with the high optical density SC2 inkset allows printing directly onto offset coated papers without pre treatment.

The inkset is claimed to be capable of high vibrancy colours with deep saturated hues and dense and neutral blacks. A new intelligent drying system handles substrates with high ink densities to be dried efficiently, with wide gamut printing on a broad range of papers.

The new system will be shown at Screen’s innovation centres in the US and Europe ahead of an appearance at DRUPA (May 28-June 7) in Dusseldorf.

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