‘New generation’ inkjet papers open opportunities

Nov 29, 2022 at 05:36 pm by admin

A cooperation between UPM Communication Papers and HP in the US has delivered a “new generation” of digital printing papers designed specifically for high-speed inkjet printing.

The new portfolio includes four treated, coated grades designed to provide productive and smooth printing, excellent image production and ease of use. These ‘ColorPro’ papers are compatible with existing HP inkjet presses including the new models unveiled at the Printing United Expo in Las Vegas last month.

Sales senior vice president Ruud van den Berg says digital printing is increasingly being adopted by conventional printing as well as specialist players. “Compatibility between the printing press and paper provides an added assurance to customers that they will achieve consistent high quality for their needs.”

The innovation in coated high-speed inkjet papers creates opportunities for customers to transition to digital printing without the need for primers, bonding agents or optimisers.

So far, three ColorPro grades have been qualified – UPM’s Star matt Jet 45 lbs (66.6 gsm), 1.2 Jet 54.1 lbs (80gsm), and Finesse matt Jet 60.8 lbs. A fourth grade, Finesse gloss Jet 77.7 lbs, is expected by the end of 2022.

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