K&B plans carbon neutral future in ‘agile technology’

Dec 09, 2021 at 01:57 am by admin

Koenig & Bauer says it is “pooling corporate goals” in a new strategy reflecting its position as the only press maker using all all print technologies on “just about every substrate”.

The new ‘Exceeding Print’ group strategy will see a keener focus on packaging, postpress, industrial commercial printing and security printing.

The German-headquartered company says it is continuing with its transformation “from a traditional manufacturer of machinery into an agile technology group”.

It is following global megatrends and the advice of customers and industry experts as a base for a strategy which will take it to more digitalisation and modularity… and greater success in core markets, “with packaging printing at the forefront”.

A further outcome will be less materials and energy being used in printing processes, making them more sustainable.

Koenig & Bauer says it is also setting itself more ambitious sustainability goals with the group strategy. As a member of the UN Global Compact, it aims to further increase efforts to deliver on its ecological, social and community responsibilities.

“By 2025, we are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions in our production plants by 75 per cent, and intend to be completely carbon-neutral from 2030 on,” chief executive Andreas Pleßke announced. “Solutions based on technology that we developed reduce energy consumption, cut waste and decrease ink and coating consumption, helping to cut CO2 emissions.” 

The company says it uses an energy management system to “prepare the ground” for its printing customers to be more energy efficient, helping them to point production processes in a sustainable direction. A member of the 4evergreen Alliance network, it can start working with raw materials manufacturers including those of paper and cardboard, along with the collection, sorting and recycling industry, to find solutions. It is also a partner in the ‘BlueCompetence’ sustainability initiative of the VDMA, and claims to be the first printing machinery maker to join the ‘Healthy Printing’ network. 

Pleßke says the ‘Exceeding Print’ strategy allows it to promote sustainability and claim leadership in digitalization. “This means organic growth with our own business models and products, but does not rule out growth through acquisitions,” he said.

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