CTP pioneer Sinos becomes Brazil’s star of screen

Sep 11, 2021 at 05:27 am by admin

After being a platesetter pioneer more than two decades ago, Brazil’s Sinos Group is breaking new ground with the adoption of innovative screening technology.

Based in Novo Hamburgo, Sinos is a multimedia newsmedia company publishing newspapers and magazines, as well as operating a radio station and providing broadband services.

In 1999, Sinos was the first Brazilian newspaper to install a CTP system. Now they making an impact as the first in Latin America to use Agfa’s Spir@l screening technology across all their products.

Production supervisor Lucas Hilgert da Silva says the new screening – which replaces traditional dot shapes with a spiral – made an immediate impact. “It not only lived up to its promise to lower our overall ink consumption, we also experienced better image quality with improved detail reproduction and better sharpness,” he says.

The gain in sharpness brought about relevant quality improvements in image reproduction, delivering benefit advertisers and importantly, to readers.

He says the printing startup process turned out to be easier and faster, which indirectly led to a lower consumption of paper and fountain solution, and a decrease of the overall production time.

“This, in turn, resulted in a higher production efficiency, and it definitely reduced our production costs too”, said Lucas.


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