ML tool recognises faces and logos for sports media

May 14, 2023 at 07:17 pm by admin

A tool that detects faces and logos in photos and videos could have a range of applications for sports media.

Spanish developer Protecmedia says its AIVA tool automates player and sponsor identification in sports game photos and videos. The computer vision-based solution will be “particularly interesting” for sports media and sports clubs, it says, allowing them to automate their archiving and documentation processes, and improve image search processes both for internal use and for sharing or selling purposes.

AIVA uses machine learning algorithms to analyse images and videos for faces and logos. With this technology, users can automate tasks such as identifying players in game photos, and identifying sponsor brands in televised broadcasts.

The company says Nielsen Sports reported that brands spent more than US$35 billion on sports sponsorships worldwide in 2021. “This expenditure includes sponsorships of sports events, teams, and athletes, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years.”

The tool can be used to improve the quality of image and video archives, facilitating future content search and retrieval, and there are also applications for sports clubs wanting to archive multimedia content.

Pictured: Port Adelaide in action during an Australian Rules match

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