How News and ABC News shape up in new Nielsen figures

Sep 28, 2021 at 07:12 pm by admin

News is accessing a 17.23 digital audience, coming in a close third behind Google and Facebook, according to new Nielsen figures.

Nearly 20 million adult Australians accessed Google-owned channels online in a month, with the Nielsen Digital Landscape Report putting Google’s unique audience at 18.39 million in July. Facebook followed with 17.67 million, and News Corp close behind on 17.23 million.



Source: Nielsen Digital Content Planning, July 2021, People 18+, Digital (C/M), Text, All Parents, Unique Audience


MSN/Outlook follows Google and Facebook in terms of brands that adult Australians are browsing, across all categories, with Nielsen saying 18 million adult Australians consumed news content during that period, spending on average about three hours and three minutes per person.

Next was sport (15.2 million spending on average 1 hour and 36 minutes per person); with real estate content scoring 14.9 million adults spending an average 52 minutes each.

Source: Digital Media Ratings, Monthly Total, Text, July 2021, People 18+, Unique Audience, Avg Time Spent


Nielsen recorded that 93 per cent of adult Australians were now accessible online, 79 per cent via computer and 88 per cent with mobiles.

Google’s YouTube tops the chart for time spent streaming, with BVOD platforms 7Plus and 9Now at second and third.

Source: Nielsen Digital Media Ratings, Monthly Volumetrics, Video, 2 secs Qualified, Total Ad Supported, July 2021, People  2+, Digital (C/M), Total Time Spent (minutes).




Pictured top: ABC’s online network comes in fifth for adult audiences after social media channels Google, Facebook, MSN/Outlook/Bing/Skype and Instagram with 13.748 million


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