Audience Database to be Washington centrepiece

Jul 27, 2008 at 06:14 pm by Staff

DTI says the ‘Washington Times’ is to make its Audience Database the technology centrepiece of a new marketing strategy to gain greater market penetration both locally and nationally. The system integrates third party systems for email marketing, web site analytics, user behaviour tracking, data analytics and lifestyle analytics. The ‘Washington Times’ is creating a global marketing database in which customer preferences, demographic, psycho-graphic, lifestyle, web behaviour and purchase history can be stored. DTI’s Audience Database will work as the central component and will store data from these areas relative to a given user. And Hearst Newspapers is to license DTI’s NewsSpeed editorial suite for the ‘Houston Chronicle’ and New York-based ‘Albany Times Union’ and will work with the developer on innovations to maximise workflow and content management. The aim is to enable the Hearst newspapers to be strong locally and also work together as partners, with the potential to share content through DTI’s Liquid Media integration technology. Both sites are set to go live this year – the ‘Houston Chronicle’ with 360 seats and the ‘Albany Times Union’ with 150.
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