Fong takes tablets to brands with offshoring unit

Sep 10, 2014 at 11:04 am by Staff

John Fong has joined WoodWing to head a new Malaysia-based outsourcing and consulting service for digital publishers.

The new business unit is being called WoodWing Digital Services, and will offer “consulting and offshoring production” globally.

Fong says the new team will work with WoodWing´s authorised solution partners, helping them complete projects faster and scale their business: “Experienced teams will unburden customers from all tasks involved in the 'tabletisation' of their publications,” he says.

Publishers, brands and agencies realise that implementation of digital publishing processes initially requires special expertise and is time-consuming, with conversion of print publications, creation of templates and the actual production of digital editions. “In many cases, the establishment of internal resources is not an option, so offshoring seems the way to go,” he says.

Fong has joined WoodWing from partner Serious Technology, of which he was chief executive for eight years. he will be based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.


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