Universal view addresses iPhone and iPad with one edition

Sep 29, 2012 at 03:30 am by Staff

A universal viewer from Protecmedia enables a single digital edition to be produced for iPad and iPhone, presenting both on a single newsstand.

The Madrid-based software engineering company says the ‘one process, one workflow, one newsstand’ approach will save editors significant time in the production.

“The viewer allows editors, if they so wish, to publish on these two devices without having to prepare two different versions,” says Protecmedia’s Fernando Pérez. “Instead, the starting point is a single edition, which can be shown to the reader within a single newsstand.
The company says the viewer adjusts the information in a single data package to the characteristics and specific features of the two devices. “This then, is a significant technological advance which allows editors to save a great deal of time in the production of these versions,” says Perez.

Only one production process and one workflow is required with obvious benefits.

From the reader’s point of view, the two editions of the publication can be offered through the same newsstand. “This improves his experience, offering him fast and easy access to the different versions, receiving the publication on the device selected, without the need to wait, and avoiding any complications caused by each device’s dimensions or capacities,” he says.

Protecmedia’s offering covers cross-media advertising management, editorial planning, content, editing and production management, management and sale of editorial assets and the control of circulation and subscriptions. Its Milenium cross media software is used in more than 350 publications in 19 countries, the company says.


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